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Black Cat Appreciation Bundle

$58.80 (a $73.50 value)

Save 20% on the Mesa Bowl in Nocturnal, designed for your cat’s comfort & safety. And while you’re at it, save 20% when you bundle our best selling recipes. Because what good is an empty food bowl?

  • Our three most popular recipes
  • Grain-free and low-carb. No potatoes, corn, rice or wheat
  • Complete and balanced food for all life stages, including kittens and grandcats
  • Easy open cups

Tuna Shreds in Broth

  • 2.2x more protein than industry standard for healthier, leaner cats
  • Sustainably sourced seafood (MSC certified)
  • 81 kcal ME/2.75 oz cup

Chicken and Duck Pate

  • 80% more protein than industry standard for healthier, leaner cats
  • 102 kcal ME/2.75 oz cup

Chicken Shreds in Broth

  • 85% more protein than industry standard for healthier, leaner cats
  • 87 kcal ME/2.75 oz cup

Mesa Bowl

  • Posture perfect. No more crouching or hunching. Feed your cat at the ideal height by snapping the bowl onto the stand for adults or placing it directly on the tray for kittens.
  • No whisker fatigue. Our shallow bowl was designed to accommodate cats’ facial profiles, so they can gobble down every morsel without agitating their whiskers.
  • Dishwasher safe. Made to minimize messiness, the spill-catching tray and tip-resistant bowl and stand can all be easily cleaned in your dishwasher, made from BPA-Free Plastic.
  • Plays well with others. Our bestselling bowl, now in the color that goes with everything. This limited edition black semi-gloss bowl and matte black tray is part of the Jason Wu / Cat Person Collection.

Black Cat Appreciation Bundle
20% OFF
Woman smiling and petting cat that is eating Cat Person wet food from a Cat Person mesa bowl
What sets our food apart

Simple, healthy recipes

Our food is great for cats with allergies. With only 1-to-2 animal proteins in each recipe, it’s easy to avoid allergens and find options your cat will love.

Grain-free & low-carb

Cats require a very low-carb diet. That’s why our food has no filler grains, soy, or corn.

The highest protein

Cats are obligate carnivores, which means they need to eat plenty of meat to thrive. That’s why our recipes are packed with as much protein as possible.

Variety made easy

Choose from 16 delicious and easy-to-serve wet recipes and 3 dry recipes.

For cats of all ages

Our food is designed to nourish your cat throughout their full life, from kitten to grandcat.

Cups of Cat Person wet cat food
cat whiskers
cat whiskers

What our customers are saying

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OMG! This is the only “wet” food my Lily has ever eaten. She loves it, I love it!

Mark T
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My cats love the food. I like the broth because they get more water.

Essie G
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My cat has loved all of the food - I ordered a variety of flavors (both wet and dry) and he's cleaned his plate every time. And selfishly, I love how everything looks in my pantry.

Anora C
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Love the design and it’s backed-up by great products. My kitten loves the shreds in broth, it’s been such a godsend to find it!

Flavia W
quote bubble

Sicaria has really enjoyed the wet food so far (she’s a really picky wet food eater), love that you are a cat focused company, the Starter Box was a perfect intro to try your products, and the toys have been a hit as well.

Matt G
Money Back Guarantee

If you or your cat aren’t obsessed within 30 days, we’ll happily refund your purchase.

If you or your cat aren't obsessed within 30 days, we'll happily refund your purchase. If you or your cat aren't obsessed within 30 days, we'll happily refund your purchase.