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Real Cat Food Made Simple

Better food in their bowl. One less thing on your plate. Start their Meal Plan today and save over 25% on your first order of high protein, grain-free cat food.

How It Works

Cat Person Website

Take a quiz about your cats to customize their Meal Plan.

Grain Free Cat Food Box

Use the Starter Box to see what recipes your cats like best.

Cat Food Delivery Calendar

You have 2 weeks to change up your order before the first monthly box ships.

Cat Food Subscription

Get your full Meal Plan box every 4 weeks at 10% off. Edit, delay, or cancel anytime.

Variety of Cat Person wet and dry cat food with grey cat and Cat Person shipping box
Variety of Cat Person wet and dry cat food with grey cat and Cat Person shipping box
Why start a meal plan?

The easiest way
to keep them happy & healthy.

Save 10% on every order

No more schlepping to the store

Customized to your cats

Free shipping on orders $45+

Edit or cancel anytime

Hand holding a pack of Cat Person chicken shreds in broth wet cat food
Hand holding a pack of Cat Person chicken shreds in broth wet cat food
Bowl of Cat Person Tuna Shreds in Broth wet food
Bowl of Cat Person Salmon & Tuna Dry Food
Why Cat Person cat food?

We max the good
& nix the bad

At least 50% more protein than industry standard

Grain-free & low carb

Clear, straightforward ingredients

It's mad tasty

Subscription cat food made easy for you

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cat whiskers
cat whiskers

What our customers are saying

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I put a lot of care into the food I put into my body so why should I feel any different about the food my cat eats? I felt good about the ingredients in Cat Person and yet it is still reasonably priced.

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Cat Person is the brand us cat people have been waiting for! It's so easy to set up a Meal Plan, and my favorite part is all the customization.

Dee C
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I feel happy knowing precisely what ingredients go in the food, and my cat is happy that I'm feeding her the good stuff.

Jasmine W
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Love this cat brand and its emphasis on transparency. I feel like I really know what I’m feeding my cat and can rest assured he’s getting all the nutrients he needs to live a healthy life.

Daphne C
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Can’t say enough about this food — or the shipping box which turns into a little peaked house. Awesome food and even better service. 😸

Beth S
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We needed a way to have high quality food in a variety of flavors delivered regularly, as our cat gets bored of eating the same flavors. Cat Person's Meal Plan made it easy.

Jesse G

The Mesa Bowl,
elevating meal time to fine dining.

The Canopy Bed,
designed to play nicely with your furniture.

Man with long hair smiling and hugging his fluffy orange cat
Man with long hair smiling and hugging his fluffy orange cat
Black cat wearing collar with gothic star tag looking at smiling bearded man
A man laying down on couch gazing at the cat he is holding in his arms. The cat peers out at the camera.
A fluffy cat tries to perch on top of a man's head. The man looks amused
Zuzu & Carl
Skittles & Dean
George Michael & Chris
Matthew & Huey

Designed for cats
and the persons who love them.

Cats and persons. Two very different animals living under the same roof. This relationship is a special one. It’s not owner & owned. It’s friends, loved ones, occasional frenemies. And it’s one that has been neglected by the pet industry. Until now. We make food and goods designed for a feline’s physique and the cat person’s exacting standards.

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Man wearing Cat Person hoodie looking at cat wearing a cat shirt

New year, same best friends. Get on the waitlist for when our hoodies come back in stock—link in our stories.

Cat eating Cat Person wet food out of a Mesa Bowl

@artietheadventurecat chowing down on some high protein turkey & chicken paté in our Mesa Bowl, which was designed to support your cat’s anatomy. It's designed to accommodate your cat’s whiskers without making them hunch for their dinner.

A content looking cat laying inside a Cat Person box

We bring you, #catsmize.⁠

A tiny cat asleep in a large comfortable bed enveloped by blankets and pillows

You have permission to go back to bed now. (Not that you needed it.) #catpersonforcatpersons 📸 via reddit, u-roger5083

A painting of a young girl holding a sleeping cat in her arms


Morgan Freeman Quote: I think that it’s more than important for kids to grow up with pets. A loving pet is the most loving you’re ever going to get.

Couldn’t agree more, @morganfreeman. #catpersonforcatpersons