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How to Transition to the Skylight Litter Box

Cats are fussy. Like, won’t take their midday snooze if the couch moves an inch to the right, fussy. That’s why it’s important to give them time to adjust to changes, big or small.

Follow this guide to transition your cat to their Skylight Litter Box, which was designed to meet your cat’s needs with the help of our Veterinary Advisor, Dr. Sellers, fashion designer and cat dad, Jason Wu, and of course, cats.

1. Location Is Everything

Introduce your cat’s new litter box in the same location as, or near, their old box. Pour clean, identical litter inside.

Want to switch locations? Keep the old litter box where it is to help your cat adjust, and remove it once they start using the new one.

Evergreen location tip: just like humans, cats don’t love to poop where they eat. Make sure to place their litter box in a low-traffic area away from their food and water.

2. Keep it (Extra) Clean

Cats are fastidious when it comes to their bathroom. We recommend scooping their new litter box twice daily to encourage use over their old one. (If nothing else, it’ll keep you humble.)

3. Follow Their Nose

Does your cat turn their nose up at new smells? That’s because these little creatures are big on scent. To make their new litter box smell comfy and familiar, mix a bit of their own used litter into the new.

4. Make Them Comfortable

If a covered box is new for your cat, we recommend starting with the lid off at first. After they use the new box regularly, introduce the cover, and welcome them to the full Skylight lifestyle!

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