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How To Set Up Your Skylight Litter Box & Scoop

Setting up your cat’s new litter box and scoop is simple. Just scroll down and follow the steps. If you purchased the Skylight Litter Box without the Hideaway Scoop, please skip steps 2-4. If you have further questions about your new products, email us at hello@catperson.com.

Selecting a Location

Step 1

Scout a location for your cat's new litter box. Place it in a quiet location away from their food and water. If you're replacing an old box, see our tips for transitioning your cat to a new litter box after you set it up.

Setting Up Your Hideaway Scoop

Step 2

The Hideaway Scoop comes with a scoop, holder and clip designed to secure the holder to the handle of the Skylight Litter Box. We recommend attaching it to the back handle, so it doesn’t block your cat’s entrance. If you are using the Hideaway Scoop with your existing litter box, simply place the scoop in the holder, set it on the ground, and recycle the aluminum clip.

Step 3

To attach the Hideaway Scoop holder to the Skylight Litter Box, first you need to secure the clip to the scoop holder. To do this, insert the shorter side of the clip into the slot on the outside of the holder. Align the ridge on the top of the clip to the top of the slot on the holder, and push the clip up until it snaps in place. By now your cat is likely silently judging you, but try not to let that bother you.

Step 4

Remove the lid from the litter box for easier access. Next, insert the clip on the holder into the back handle slot of the litter box. Push down until the clip is secured on the inside of the box with the holder suspended from the outside. Place the scooper in the holder, satisfyingly out of sight.

Setting Up Your Skylight Litter Box

Step 5

Fill the litter box with about 2-3 inches of kitty litter. Any more and your cat will likely kick the litter out onto your floor with gusto. Any less and they won’t have room to bury their business.

Step 6

Place the lid on top of the base, flush with each of the sides. Please note: the lid is designed to withstand a maximum of 25 pounds, so although it looks like a nice piece of furniture, please do not use it as a chair for bongo practice.

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