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How to Set Up the Canopy Bed

Three canopy options, endless catnaps.

Step 1

Flip the base on its side. Line up the holes on the canopy to the grommets on the base, and button them one by one.

Step 2

The canopy may be positioned, folded down for increased visibility, or removed completely for an open oasis.

For the up position: Button one side of the canopy to the other with the grommets on the top of the canopy flap.

For the down position: Fold both sides of the canopy down and button the flaps to the grommets on the side.

Step 3

Insert the cushion into the base with the Cat Person tag toward the back and the zipper on the bottom.


Need More Tips?

Location is everything. For max chance of acceptance, place the bed in a spot where your cat already likes to snooze.

Cats are suspicious of new smells. Make their new bed more inviting by sprinkling it with catnip, treats, or adding a T-shirt that has your smell.