About Us

Cats are our thing

That’s why we’re working to make life with cats even more awesome through something we call whole cat care. We consider everything about a cat’s body and mind in order to create solutions that improve the quality of their life and therefore, your co-existence. That might sound lofty for a cat company, but we are here to raise your expectations of what a cat company can be.

Lambert & Granola

Our Story

It all started when a dreamer cat met a business cat. Lambert, our co-founder and longtime foster dad, was fostering kittens when he wondered:

“Why is all of the cat stuff stuffed in the back of the pet store? Are cat beds and bowls even designed for cats? And most important, why is it so hard for me to figure out what’s in my cat’s food?”

Walking into a big box pet store made him feel like a second-class pet parent. And after talking to other cat persons, he realized a lot of us felt the same way.

Pebbles & Jimmy

That’s when he teamed up with our co-founder Jimmy, a fellow cat lover, to bring some well-deserved TLC to the entire experience of caring for cats. Starting with the essentials: high-quality wet and dry food, wellness treats, beds, bowls and irresistible toys.

Our Team

Today we’re a small team of cat persons working to make life with cats even more awesome than it already is. Is there something about caring for your cat that you wish we could improve? Reach out to hello@catperson.com and let us know!

What Sets Our Food Apart

You get what you see

No fine print. No label tricks. No fancy names. You won’t find meals named after fiesta bowls or your favorite Italian-American cuisine because you aren’t eating this food; your cat is. We keep it simple, straightforward & honest, so you know what you’re feeding your cat in a glance.

More protein for healthier cats

Cats are carnivores who need lots of real meat to keep them fit. That’s why we pack our recipes with at least 50% more quality animal protein than AAFCO industry standards. Healthier cats lead to shinier coats and better poops, which is good news for you and the pooper scooper.

We make room for the good

It’s not rocket science. Our food is grain-free & low carb. When you don’t add unnecessary fillers, there’s more room for what makes cats thrive—protein.

Meat without the mystery

Unlike big cat food companies that include meat from other animals even in recipes labeled “chicken,” each Cat Person meal contains only 1-to-2 animal proteins. So it’s easy to avoid allergens and find options your cat will love.

It’s made for you, too.

We don’t mean eating-wise. But serving-wise, we add little touches that make feeding your cat a little more fun. Resealable bags, easy open cups, reusable Serve & Store sets. Plus our Meal Plans are easy to control and customize. No more running out or running to the store.

Our Product Philosophy

Driven by cat anatomy

Most cat beds and bowls are simply scaled-down versions of dog products. But cats are not tiny dogs, so we design products that take into account their unique, feline features and physiological needs.

Modern Interior Design

You and your cat share a home, so we think their products should meet your aesthetic standards. We design simple, functional products that look great in any home—and we suspect cats prefer living in style, too.

Always easy to clean

Cats are pretty clean, but messes still happen. All of our products are either dishwasher-safe or machine washable, which means cleaning up after them might be easier than cleaning up after yourself.

Bringing cats & persons closer together

Buddha & Shir
Skittles & Dean
Matthew & Huey
Zuzu & Carl

At Cat Person, we care deeply about helping all cats in need, but we have a particularly soft spot for fosters. Many of us have been fostering cats for years. In fact, it was our co-founder's experience fostering kittens with the Animal Care Centers of New York (ACC) that first inspired the idea for Cat Person.

We're giving back to where our story began by partnering with the ACC, donating Cat Person food and supplies to set foster parents up for success and to give rescues a great start on their journey to find their forever persons.