Why are cats and their persons loving this new cat food?

Hint... Cat Person makes it easier to feed your cat right. Our simple, tasty recipes are straightforward and delivered straight to your door. Made with real meats and no fillers, you no longer have to choose between what’s healthy and delicious for your cat and what’s easy for you.

Raising the bar
for cats & cat persons

1. Our food is made with real meat and no fillers.

We use high-quality ingredients to make a food specifically for cats that’s full of the essentials they need to be happy and healthy, leaving no room for anything they don’t.

2. Nearly 2x the protein than industry standards.

Cats need animal proteins to thrive. They’re carnivores, after all. That’s why we pack each of our wet and dry recipes with as much high-quality protein as possible.

3. Our simple formulas are exclusively grain-free & low carb.

What’s in your cat’s food should be straightforward. No hiding behind confusing labels. Not only is our food made with high-quality proteins like sustainably sourced seafood, it’s also free of fillers and filler potatoes. While sweet potatoes might sound yummy for humans or dogs, they’re not so great for cats—who require a very low-carb diet.

4. Try it first, no commitment.

We know switching your cat’s food to something new can feel daunting. That’s why we created a Sampler Box so your cat can try our food first. And, unlike other online brands, we won’t force you to commit to a subscription if that’s not your thing. But hey, if it is, we make it easy to never run out of food.

5. Choose from 19 delicious recipes.

Like us, cats crave variety. So we have the meats—and the birds and the fishes. We have wet and dry recipe options, too, because there are as many different kinds of cats as there are cat persons, and we want to make life better for them all.

Ready to give your cat everything they've been telepathically asking for?

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Take our quiz about your cat and we’ll recommend what foods to start with. Save $12.50 on our Sampler Box with Meal Plan. Includes 2 sleeves of wet food, 1 bag of dry food, and a free serve & store set.

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