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Canopy Bed


Best for small to medium sized cats, this 3-in-1 bed can be adjusted to your cat’s preferences, and its modern design looks great in any home.

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Canopy Bed

We recommend the Canopy Bed for cats that weigh 13 pounds or less

14.5 inches

Clearance between cushion and canopy
11 inches


PET Felt with EVA Core

Memory Foam with Polyester Cover

Bed Shell

Made for cats
who coexist with humans.

Our products are designed for your cat’s needs, while considering your home and lifestyle.

cat whiskers
cat whiskers

I am in utter shock. We have so many cat beds that Butters just ignores. Within 15 minutes of setup, he's hooked.

cat face

Brenna from
West Hollywood, CA

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